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We hope that you will find our advice and resources helpful.

Whatever you are looking for our advice is always “Be Wise, Be Wary”. If you find an offer that appears to be too good to be true, it probably is. At the same time, paying out a lot of money on a very expensive item may not give you good value for money. Our experience is that all parents want to do the absolute best for their child, and often attracted to large, comfortable and stylish prams.

The market is constantly evolving, using new and increasingly clever designs, utilising new materials, such as light-weight metals, and new production technologies to produce fantastic innovations. Talk to most parents whose children are now older, however, and they will invariable tell you about a favourite buggy that either wore out or was thrown out that they wish they could remember the name of so they could get another one.

Strollers and buggies are one of those things that are bought without too much thought, and used long after they have been found not to do what is required. They are seen as expensive, and an unnecessary expense at that, and most parents say to themselves “well, we don’t use it THAT often” and “Baby Ben will soon grow out of it”. At Beautiful Buggies Perfect Prams, we have found over the years that parents often under-estimate how often they use a buggy or pram, and for how long they use a buggy for.

Yet for those of us that been stranded with a buggy with a broken wheel, and not had one for a day or two, we have realised how important our child transport is on a day to day basis. Whether in the city or in country, we parents find ourselves going out and about a lot, whether to play-groups or parks, or to friends or shopping. A car will take us only so far, we need a good buggy to do the rest.

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