About Us

We are a group of parents who were stuck indoors, frustrated with our careers being put on hold, wondering what to else we can be doing with our lives, faced with a world where buying anything to do with babies gives you seemingly endless choices, with little or no real advice. So we put two and two together and came up with the idea for this website. Choice and advice in equal measure – and the opportunity to send us some feedback about your experiences.

The advice we offer, we should say, is not EXPERT advice – it is however, the summation of the experiences of us whose children have taught us, and go on teaching us, how to be parents and how to do the best by them. Like all parents of the ‘terrible-two’s, we talk (sometimes too much), and, more importantly, we listen. We listen to each other, to other parents, and to you, our customers.

So please feel free to talk to us about anything you want.

Contact Details

Email: info@perfectprams.co.uk