Beautiful Buggies Perfect Prams Advice

Buying a Buggy or Pram, especially for the first time, is something many of us do with little preparation, at a time when time is very precious and money very tight.

Too often parents will buy the wrong type of buggy for what they need, and then, at best, are stuck with something that is not fit for purpose, which makes life all the more stressful; at worst, the buggy will break within a few weeks or months, and need replacing, and could well break at a time or place that is very inconvenient.

So our advice is always:

  • Think about what you want the buggy or pram for.
  • Think about how you are going to get it on and off buses, in and out of cars, and up and down supermarket aisles
  • Think about your child’s experience – is this where he/she will sleep, or where they will be able to see, hear and touch the ‘outside’ world
  • Ask whether the buggy or pram you are thinking about buying is comfortable and practical, or whether it just looks good
  • Think about how much and for how long you are likely to use your buggy, and set your budget accordingly
  • And here’s a more modern consideration – Are you likely to go jogging with a buggy

Going out of doors often, whether for domestic reasons or fun, enables your child to discover the world around them, from an environmental as well as social viewpoint.

It has been shown that children who ‘go out’ regularly sleep better, eat better, develop social skills earlier, and are less likely to suffer from anxiety. Why? We don’t know – but it does seem to suggest that the more often a buggy is used the better it is for you child.

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